Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Sorry, I've been busy with school things and work so I haven't had time to upload the freebie yet. And it'll be an early morning for me tomorrow so even though I'd really like to do it now I think it'll be wiser to get some sleep instead.. But, I will upload it tomorrow so you're welcome to come back then. :)

Meanwhile, here's a layout of my friend and her daughter.

Credits: background paper (blended) - Misty Mareda and Amber Clegg, butterfly - Angie Briggs, stiching - Angela Sharrow, word art - Rhonna Farrer, stamp - Michelle Pearson, envelope tie - Jenn Star, paint - me. Font: Miss Brooks.

See you tomorrow!

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I love your style. So clean, and unlcuttered. Get's right to the point. I always have to try to cram everything I want into mine. LOL!
Yours is a fresh contrast.

This is a beautiful layout. I love the simpleness of it and yet it is JUST RIGHT.

What a lovely lo that is so clean & serene. Love the beautiful brush flourish as its placement under the photo. The butterfly & trial adds just the right touch of whimsy to the design. Fantastic lo.

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