Sunday, April 15, 2007


Thanks again for your lovely comments! I've enjoyed reading them. Maybe I'll rework on some of the other older kits as well and give them out to you as it seems that you liked the Lilac Refreshed mini kit. :) A few of you also asked me how I design kits and I can write about that later on when I have more time (it's already 2:30 am, so I really should be in bed by now..). But, I'll just have to tell you a bit of how I spent today and I can tell you that I wasn't doing my school work like I was supposed to.. ;) Well, last night I got inspiration from the strangest thing ever, my cleansing milk bottle.. How strange is that! I've used the same bottle for months and then yesterday I suddenly noticed how nice crisp colors it has. ;) So, I got a lot of ideas from the colors for a new kit and today I've spent the whole day designing. I even got so carried away that after breakfast I didn't eat until at 9 pm. That's how addicting designing can be.. Anyway, I got the kit finished. It's quite clean and simple and a bit different but I think it turned out quite okay. I'll show you a sneakpeak of the papers and so you can tell me what you think. I won't be uploading it just yet, but you'll get it in a few days, so hang in there.. :)

And then I'll show you a couple of layouts from last summer. I really love the stichings by Syrin! They look so real and add a nice detail in a layout.

Credits: blue paper (recolored) - Katie Pertiet, green papers - Theresa Hernandez, bg paper (blended) - Amber Glegg and Theresa Hernandez, paint - me, overlay - Nancy Rowe Janitz, flower petal & glitter brackets - Holly McCaig, stiching - Syrin, cross stich - Shabby Princess, frame - Melany Violette, ladybird - Heather Roselli. Fonts: Shirley, Clingy, PaulMaul, C39HrP24DhTt.

And here's a second layout from last summer.

Credits: overlay - Nancie Rowe Janitz, green and blue paper and flower - Theresa Hernandez, stiching - Syrin, string - Miss Mint, eyelet - Kim Hill, tag (recolored) - AmyK, doodle border - Katie Pertiet, doodle arrows and the word labels - me, staples - Kim Christensen. Fonts: Shirley, For The One Hundreth Time, Schneller.

Well, that's it for today.

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It's kinda funny the story about how you can find inspiration in the most unlikely places and at the most unlikely place. :o)

The preview of the kit looks great and very nice. The colours and the patterns are very simple and lovely.

I hope to see a bigger preview of that kit soon.

Your pages are really nice, by the way. Great photos. Congratulations. :o)

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