Thursday, April 12, 2007

Oh my goodness!

I just couldn't believe my eyes when I opened my blog today and saw all of your kind comments on my kit! I really couldn't imagine that so many people would like it. So thank you all very very much!! You've really made my day... :) I'm just feeling a little bit bad because many of you thought Spring Is In The Air is my first kit when it's actually my sixth. It's just the first freebie I've shared, so I'm sorry if I wrote it confusingly (I hope that's a real word..). I was learning to design kits while I still had my old computer but I just wasn't able to design them in 300 dpi, so I couldn't share them and they weren't that great anyway. I'm actually going to show you a preview of the real first kit I've designed so you can see that there's a difference.. ;)

See, I told you.. ;) I made this already a long time ago, so my style has changed quite a lot. I still kind of like some of the elements, so I decided to update this kit a bit and add a few things and give it away as a mini kit if anybody's interested. Don't worry, I'll still be making more new kits for you.. :)

Sorry, the link is gone. Thanks to all for your interest in the kit. :)

And then, here's an older layout of mine of my friend and me.

Credits: torn overlay - Roberta Dachille, papers - Amy Teets, flowers - Tonya Doughty, staple - Anita Stergiou, overlay - Shabby Princess, ribbon - Ann Hetzel Gunkel, stiching - Atomic Cupcake. Fonts: JaneAusten, Perpetua Titling.

Now, I'm off to bed. Good night everybody!

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Ohhhh what a pretty sampler. I love the colors. TFS!!!!!!!!

This is so sweet of you, Mira...Thank You for the extra kit...;o)

I love any shade of purple as its my favorite color!!
Thank you so very much!!!

Thank you for the wonderful kit. Love the colors.

This is a great kit. Thank you!

Love the colors!! Thanks SO much!!

hey i love your work i was trying to get into making my own kits my self but i am at a lost of where to start so if you could be so generous and email me a few tips that would be great thanks

Thank you for sharing, love the alpha's in this kit.

Thanks a lot for the great kits.

Thank you for sharing this! I like this kit too! You have a lovely unique style and grace that is quite wonderful. :)

I really like your layout as well, and that picture is super cute!

Have a great day!!

Your new refreshed kit is soooo pretty - thanks for sharing with us!!

Thank you for the lilac freebie. Beautiful colors.

I just loved the colors of this kit. Thanks for it!


These are such great colors! Thank you for sharing.

great colors! and i TOTALLY LOVE the spring is in the air kit! also cool colors... thanks so much for sharing your tremendous talent! :)

This is a beautiful sampler. I love the colors. Thank you so much for sharing.

Oh, I like this kit even better! Thank you for sharing it!

Maybe I just have bad eyes & love freebies but your 1st looked awesome to me & the refreshed version is even better. Im sure if you showed us more of your 'firsts' we'd like them.TFS

Thanks for another lovely kit!

awesome colors...Thank you 4 sharing

Thanks for the kit is gorgeous, the colours are lovely, and the design is kinda 70's like and very nice.
Thanks a million. :o)

seriously in LOVE with your style!! Thank you fort this kit. I'm really sad I missed the spring is in the air kit. If only I'd discovered your blog earlier. You are a TALENT!!! Wow.

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