Monday, April 23, 2007

Pillows, roses and art

Guess what? I've spent the entire Sunday making a new kit for you! :) This time I didn't get inspired by a cleansing milk bottle but by a tooth paste tube instead... ;) Hehe, just kidding. :) Actually, I got inspiration from the rose pattern of these pillows that I saw in an ad and thought that it would be a good idea for a new kit. However, I chose different colours so that the kit would also be great for Mother's Day.

Here's a sneak peek of the papers and you can see the colours I chose. I finished the papers already and also most of the elements but I still have to work on couple of things. The elements are going to be gorgeous, or at least I think so. ;) I'll upload the kit later this week. Since I'm having an exam on Wednesday, it'll propably be on Thursday, so you're welcome back then!

And then, I'll show you a layout from last summer. It's about an event called The Night Of Arts when there's lots of musicians, dancers, actors, poets and all kinds of artists performing in the city center late in the evening. I really like the atmosphere in these photos even though they are not all that sharp and focused.

Credits: black paper - Carrie Stephens, grey paper - Manda Bean, doodle border - Corina Nielsen, stamp - Kellie Mize. Fonts: Carpenter ICG, Rage.

See you and thanks again to all of you for your nice comments on my kits! :)

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can't wait to see your new kit-I love your stuff. You have real talent!
I love the papers and colors. Thank you for always sharing!!

can't wait to see your new kit too!
Love your LO!

The preview of the kit it´s really great, The colours are very nice and wonderfully well mixed together. :o)

Best of luck in your exam. :o)

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