Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sharing is fun :)

Wowza, thanks again for your awesome response to my kit! I don't really have any friends here who scrapbook so it feels great to be able to share my designs with people (I mean all of you :) ) who understand scrapbooking and will also put my designs in use and enjoy them.  

And speaking of using my designs, I'd like to show you the first layout I've seen anyone done with my stuff. It's Amanda's Binky and it's just gorgeous!! She used my Fresh & Clean kit and this lo really captures the feeling of the kit. And I really love how she used the transparent journal sticker unde the photo. I'd never have thought of using it like that. You can see this and Amanda's other fabulous layouts here and leave her some love.

I was asking for ideas for my future kits in my last post and Becki was hoping for a girly birthday kit. It's a good idea and I already have some plans for the elements for that kit, so I'll be working on that at some point. However, it propably won't be my next kit because I'm currently working on a summery greenish kit that was inspired by a plastic bag (I think I might have the weirdest sources of inspiration.. ;) )

Then, I want to show you a layout of my brother's 25th birthday. We arranged a surprise party for him with a cake, balloons and everything. At the end of the party, he wanted to pop all the balloons by stepping on them, so I guess he still didn't grow up.. ;) Luckily, he was grown up enough to clean the mess.. :)

Credits: bg paper - Tracy Collins, green paper and orange clip - Bren Boone, stiches (recolored) - Syrin, scalloped border (blended) - Miss Mint, alpha - Jan Crowley, felt numbers (recolored) - Tiff Brady, balloon - Khristy Schmidt.
Font: Paul Maul.

But, I'll continue working on my next freebie. See you!

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OH MY! Your designs are beautiful! I just can't believe there are talented people like you who can do these great things!

I have been using the free digi scrapbooking kits that I download to make headers for bloggie mommies that I have meet here in blog world. I have been doing it for free...I have 2 questions for you...1. Can I use your free download kits to use in these headers/background pages, and 2. If I decide to charge an "installation" fee for my work, would you still allow me to use your free digi kits (crediting you OF COURSE)! Drop me a line at! Thank you!

Hey that's my baby! How exciting to see my LO here! It makes me feel famous! Can't wait to see your next kit! I just finished one with your Bouquet of Roses. Go check it out! Thanks again for all the awesome kits!


I know what you mean when talking about the scrapbooking and not knowing anyone like you. When I talk with friends about this, it´s like speaking chinese with them. I live in Ireland and I´m Spanish, so there is not a lot people that scrap.
Anyway,they kinda know by now what it´s about, but you don´t really have to much conversation about it. So it´s only showing them photos I scrap with things they like it. Nothing more.

Best of luck with your new kits and have a good weekend. :o)

I love your designs and always place your freebie on my freebie pages!

I am inviting you to check out the new Designers Forum. I have created a forum strictly for designers to post their freebies with photos!

I can see this being a central meeting place for all designers freebies.

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I hope you join the Designer Forum to list your freebies!

Warmest Regards, Digi Debz

baby is so cute!Thanks again for all the awesome kits!

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