Wednesday, May 30, 2007

So, the news is that.. :)

I guess some of you already know my news since it's been on the internet for a few days now. But, I just wanted to toot about it a little bit myself too.. :) So, the news is that...

I'm so excited about being a designer and part of Scraphead. It's a new site that's just started out and so it will take some time to get things going but I think it's going to be great (with your help, I hope). So, go check it out here. And I know you are propably thinking that this is the end of the freebies but if I were you I wouldn't be so sure about that.. ;) I have some inside information about this and that's why I'd suggest you to keep an eye on my blog for my next kit that's going to be released soon.. ;)

But, now I'm off to bed. We have the final day of school tomorrow and we're going to have the class outside having a picnic in a park. Unfortunately, the weather cast just promised rain and thunder storms for tonight and tomorrow, so I think it's going to be a very interesting picnic.. ;) or then no picnic at all. We'll see about that. Good night!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

News to come! :)

Just a super quick post to add some excitement to your day and to let you know I'll have some exciting news to share soon..!! ;)

And a big thanks to all of you for helping me to make my decision..! :) It seems that the first layout with the swirls behind the photo got more support so I'm going to stick with that one and delete the other one. Sometimes you just become blind to what you do and everything looks the same. So, thanks for helping me out! :)

See ya later!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

I just can't decide..

It's been such a long time since I last blogged or scrapped not to mention about designing. These last few weeks have just flown by and since we only have a couple of days of school left there's been lots of essays and other things to do. I'm so relieved I got my last essay finished yesterday so I don't have to stress about any essays anymore. Only one more small exam to go on Monday and then on Thursday we'll be celebrating the beginning of the summer holiday by going on a cruise to Stockholm with my class. And after that I'll be able to focus more on scrapping and also planning my trip to Dublin. :)

But, I was able to scrap a layout yesterday, or actually two since I couldn't decide which one was better.. The picture is of my friend's daughter and she's such a cutie! I always try out lots of different things when doing a layout since I'm not able to picture the finished layout in my head before I start. And then it's often difficult for me to decide which one is the best. But this time it was impossible for me decide.. I kind of like the first one more but I'm not quite sure if there's just too much going on. So if you could help me out and tell me what you think it would help me a lot. :)

Credits: yellow paper - Pattie Knox, pink paper (recoloured) - Misty Mareda, border overlay - Michelle Coleman, frame - Katie Pertiet, flower accent - Kim Christensen, stich - Syrin, prong - Catrine, tag - Miss Mint, orange butterly - Angie Briggs, yellow butterfly - BDerksen, paper tear - Micheline Martin.
Top LO: stamp frame (cut out from the paper by Pattie Knox) - Carrie Stephens, gems - Tanya Todd Krasen. Bottom LO: stamp frame - Miss Mint.
Font: Jane Austin.

I also managed to create a freebie for you! I guess you've already been waiting for that.. ;) It's a bit different this time since it's not a kit but some felt borders instead. They are really fun and funky so I hope you like them. Have fun with them! :)

Sorry, the link is gone. Thanks for your interest in the freebie. :)

That's all from me this time. I think I should propably go to bed now but I kind of would like to do some more scrapping so we'll see about that.. ;) Good night anyway!

P.S. I you visited my blog a few days ago and wondered about those video clips, they weren't meant to be posted. I just had some problems with YouTube earlier and apparently YouTube decided to post the clip and even twice even though I wasn't going to.. So, sorry about the mess..! :)

Monday, May 21, 2007

Waiting for summer

Wow, the week has gone by so fast that I almost didn't keep up with it.. :) Somehow it feels like the time goes faster now when the summer's coming and the sun is shining. Maybe it also has something to do with the fact that I've been quite busy with studies now before the summer holiday begins in two weeks. On Friday we had an exam on radiology and the next week there's going to be one more exam and lots of essays to be returned. But, after that I'll have three months of summer holiday and that's really nice. Well, I'll spend most of the holiday working but I'll still have some time to enjoy the great summer we have here. :) And, I'll also get to enjoy the summer in Ireland, since I'll be going to Dublin with a friend of mine in four weeks!! :) We got cheap flights there and since neither of us has been to Ireland before we didn't need much time to decide whether to go or not.. We'll get to spend four days there so there's going to be plenty of time to see everything and we'll propably go to Belfast too for one day. I'm so excited and can't wait! :)

I guess you noticed that I made some changes to my blog. I think it's a little bit easier to read now. I also added the possibility to subscribe for my blog as I got a comment  asking for that, so there you go! :) It's on the left side somewhere in the middle. Hopefully, it'll help you to better keep up with my posts and freebies since I haven't been blogging very frequently. Another great thing for keeping up with blogs is Google Reader. I just discoverd it a few weeks ago and it makes life so much easier.. ;) It's so simple to use and I love that you can see right away if there's been new posts and that you can read them in the same browser immediately. So, if you haven't tried it yet, I highly recommed it. :)

Oh, it's once again too late to be awake, so I'll have to get some sleep now. Good night! And don't worry, I'll have more freebies to come, just don't know when.. ;)

Monday, May 14, 2007

No luck

Well, Finland didn't win the ice hockey world championship or the Eurovision song contest but that's alright. The main thing is that we came in before the Swedes in both of the events.. ;) And  the Serbian song was one of my favourites so I was really happy that they won the Eurovision. Anyway, I think the Eurovision song contest should be more about great and diverse music and less about the show but I'm not sure if that's going to happen in the near future. But well, that's not a matter of life and death to me so we'll leave it to that.. :)

What I wanted to tell you is to say a BIG THANKS for all the comments you've left on my Birthday Girl kit (and the previous freebies as well)! I couldn't believe that it would get such a great response from you since I wasn't quite sure about the whole kit. So, thanks once again, I've really enjoyed reading your comments!! Hopefully I'll see some layouts done with the kit soon.. :)

And finally, I've got a new LO to show you. I guess I'll have to warn you not to get scared about the pictures since I know they look a bit weird.. ;) They are  just taken at school when I was bleaching my friend's teeth.. :)

Credits: notebookpaper - Lauren Grier, red paper (recolored) - Dimi Hearts, blue paper (recolored) - Christina Heren, punch label alpha - Leah Riordan, staples - Kim Christensen, sticker frame - Melgen Designs, paper fold - Karah Fredricks.
Fonts: Benny Blanco, Haettenschweiler, 1942 report.

But well, now I'm so hungry that I'll really have to get something to eat and I still have some homework to do so I'll continue another day.

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Hurray, Finland won the semi-final agains the Russians 2-1 this afternoon in the ice hockey World Championship tournament! :) It was such an exciting game and tomorrow's gonna be super exciting when the final is played between Finland and Canada. I don't normally watch ice hockey but the World Championship games are a must. And today there's going to be even more exciting things to watch from tv because there's going to be the Eurovision Song Contest final tonight and for the first time ever it's held in Finland since we won the competition last year. (In case you don't know what a Eurovision Song Contest is, it's a song competition where an artist or band from nearly every country of Europe is performing and the tv viewers will vote for the winner.) So, I'll have some tv watching to do..;)

But, I guess you're already anxious to see your new freebie so here it is. Once again, I wasn't very creative with the name, so it's called Birthday Girl.. ;) I used a couple of great free grid layouts by Redjuscrap creating the papers, so a big thanks to her! I finished the papers almost a week ago but had quite a struggle with the elements. I just lost the inspiration and almost gave up on them but then yesterday I got some of it back and was able to create a few elements to go with the papers. So, this is the end result and even though I'm not thrilled about it I think it'll do. Hopefully some of you will be able to use it.

Sorry, the link is gone. Thanks to all for your interest in the kit. :)

Enjoy your freebie! I'm off to watch the telly now.. ;)

Still here

Hi there! This is just a quick note to let you know that I haven't gone anywhere.. I've just had a really busy week at school as we've spent the whole week training in a home for the elderly so I've had no time for blogging or scrapping.. :( But, the good news is that I finished my next freebie tonight and I'll upload it for you tomorrow. Here's a preview of the papers and the colours.

The papers turned out a bit grungier than my previous designs but I quite like the look. I included some birthday elements to it so it will be good for scrapping girly birthday party pages. Hope Becki will like it since she was the one with the idea. :) But, you'll have to wait till tomorrow to see it, since this girl should've been to bed already an hour ago.. See ya!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Disc full

Oh my, have you survived from the NSD yet? ;) There were so many awesome freebies and sales going on yesterday that I just couldn't believe it. And because I'm not very good in resisting a great deal, I did quite a lot of shopping. It's so funny that you think you'll save money when buying during sales when actually you'll end up spending more than without a sale. But the good thing is, you'll get more goodies as well.. :) And the bad thing is that my disc is totally full now and I'll have to lots of cleaning, organizing and burning on DVDs.. My laptop has a 60 Gb hard drive which isn't much, and 41 Gb of it is scrap kits and elements..! I'll really have to start using them more and creating some LOs!

But, wanna see what I bought? I'm not going to show you everything but I'll show you a few of my new favourite items.
  1. These are awesome paper tear templates from Michelle Martin at The Digi Shoppe. There are two different kind of sets of five tears and I bought them both. I think I'll be using these over and over again.

  2. Then I bought these Dateline Date Stamps by Penny Springmann. I just love all date things so these are perfect.

  3. These Backwords Staples by Jenn Patrick are going to be so much fun to use as well and will add a lot of realism to layouts.

  4. And I also bought these cool talk bubbles by Ash Scraps. Now I'll just need some pictures to go with them.

I still bought a few more items from The Digi Shoppe and so I'll be getting their fabulous collab kit free. :) I also did some shopping at Designer Digitals, The Digi Chick and Sweet Shoppe Designs. Here's a couple of the items I bought. And I think this is enough of scrap shopping for me this year. ;)

I have a new layout to show you as well. It's of my friend's baby and it's a scraplift of this gorgeous LO by Melgen.

Credits: Bg (blended) - Melany Violette and Angela Miner, green paper (recoloured) - April Anderton, blue paper (recoloured) - Misty Cato, folded paper template - Karah Fendricks, brown ribbon - Lindsay Riches, ricrac - Badcandy, blue ribbon (recoloured) - Taran Conyers, stitcing - Michelle Coleman, brad - Tracy Cordova, metal charm and gingham ribbon - BetteD.
Fonts: Miss Brooks, Perpetua.

And in case you're interested, I'm making a new kit for you. :) The colour scheme is quite fresh and girly and it's going to be a bit grungier than my previous kits. I might add some birthday elements to it to make it suitable for birthdays as well because Becki was hoping for a girlish birthday kit earlier, but we'll see what happens.. ;)

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Naming dilemma

Thanks for the suggestions for the kit name. They were really good and I think I would have named the kit as Clover Field if St Patrick's Day had been close. I didn't intend the patterns to be clovers but yeah, they could definately be them. :) But since the kit is meant to be summery, I decided to name it In The Meadow (thanks Bonnie for the idea). Hopefully it will inspire you to scrap some summer pictures when the summer arrives wherever you are. :)

Sorry, the link is gone. Thanks to all for your interest in the kit. :)

BTW, I will have the links for the freebies available until I upload my next freebie, so I've now removed the links for Bouquet Of Roses. I think this is all from me this time. Let me know what you think of the kit and happy scrapping! :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Any better ideas?

I  discovered a new digi shop today, Stephanie Burt Studio. Well, it's not a new site, I just didn't know about it before. There was some awesome goodies in there and of course I had to do a little bit of shopping... ;) Since I'm a student and live on a small budget, I can't buy everything I'd like to. But every now and then I can buy something that I think I'll use a lot. So, this time I bought these super cute alpha I've seen being used in a couple of LOs.

And then I had to get these stitches even though I have lots of stitches already. I just think one can never have too many quality stitches and they looked so fun and funky so I bought them anyway.

I also finished my next freebie. It's not the one I was talking about earlier since I got on a side track and got inspired to update my second kit that I did a while back. The patterns of the papers are the same as in the original one and and also a few of the elements are the same, but most of them I created today. Here's the sneak peek of the papers.

I'm not very creative with the kit names and so this one is called Summer Green at the moment. If anyone has any better suggestions I'd be happy to hear them. I'll upload the kit tomorrow or on Thursday so get ready for it! :)