Saturday, May 12, 2007


Hurray, Finland won the semi-final agains the Russians 2-1 this afternoon in the ice hockey World Championship tournament! :) It was such an exciting game and tomorrow's gonna be super exciting when the final is played between Finland and Canada. I don't normally watch ice hockey but the World Championship games are a must. And today there's going to be even more exciting things to watch from tv because there's going to be the Eurovision Song Contest final tonight and for the first time ever it's held in Finland since we won the competition last year. (In case you don't know what a Eurovision Song Contest is, it's a song competition where an artist or band from nearly every country of Europe is performing and the tv viewers will vote for the winner.) So, I'll have some tv watching to do..;)

But, I guess you're already anxious to see your new freebie so here it is. Once again, I wasn't very creative with the name, so it's called Birthday Girl.. ;) I used a couple of great free grid layouts by Redjuscrap creating the papers, so a big thanks to her! I finished the papers almost a week ago but had quite a struggle with the elements. I just lost the inspiration and almost gave up on them but then yesterday I got some of it back and was able to create a few elements to go with the papers. So, this is the end result and even though I'm not thrilled about it I think it'll do. Hopefully some of you will be able to use it.

Sorry, the link is gone. Thanks to all for your interest in the kit. :)

Enjoy your freebie! I'm off to watch the telly now.. ;)

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Stunningly beautiful, I love the richly textured papers and the silver ribbons. Thanks for sharing.

very cute kit. love the colors thank you!

Great colors and great job ! Thanks a bunch for sharing!!

Thank you so much for sharing.

Thanks soooo much for sharing :)

I didn't remember today was the Eurovision :) It's been years since the last time I watched it. But it was definitely different last year with Lordi :) I hope people in Finland are having a great time this weekend with all the emotion of Eurovision and the Hockey. Best of luck for tomorrow. :)

Anyway thanks a million for the freebie, again it's really beautiful and the elements are great.

Best wishes. :o)

What a really fun kit! Thank you!

Thank you for sharing this awesome and unique kit. I really like the wide range of colors you've included.

Thank you for this really cute kit.

Thank you! It looks great!

Love this! My daughter's birthday is coming up and this could be just the thing for her pictures. Thanks so much!

this is so beautiful. thank you a lot for sharing. can't wait to use this. :)

Oh, I love love love the curled silver ribbons!! I know exactly what I'm going to do with them, too. Thanks for the great kit!

love the awesome elements! thank you

So adorable , thank you!

Thanks so much love the textures & colors you used.

Thanks a lot for the great kit.

Thanks for the beautiful kit...
If you want i've got a little one on my blog!!!

Thank you so much for a beautiful birthday freebie!! Amazing papers and elements.
I loved the Finnish entry in Eurovision, it, and the Hungarian entry, were actually the only ones I thought were worth listening too.
Thanks again for a wonderful freebie!

mira, thank you again for this gorgeous kit!!

I love the kit. Beautiful colors. Wow! Thank you.

Beautiful kit...thank you!

awesome kit! thanks so much for sharing it! much love,

thank you very much for gorgeous freebie and 12 points to winner song in Eurovision.Maria was back home and she have really beautiful memories from Finland!Thank you for great hospitality!

Great colour combination - thanks for sharing

Thanks great colours!

This is so cute! Thanks!

This is beautiful! Thank you!

I love the colors, perfect for my daughter's upcoming birthday. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you so much - made me smile - alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a wonderful day - Cher

Thanks for this cute freebie! I wish you had a blog feed on your site, so I don't forget to visit you!

Terve Mira

Kiitos mahtavasta Birthday girl kitistä.

Carola - The

"Sorry, the link is gone."???
But this is so beautiful!! :/

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