Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Any better ideas?

I  discovered a new digi shop today, Stephanie Burt Studio. Well, it's not a new site, I just didn't know about it before. There was some awesome goodies in there and of course I had to do a little bit of shopping... ;) Since I'm a student and live on a small budget, I can't buy everything I'd like to. But every now and then I can buy something that I think I'll use a lot. So, this time I bought these super cute alpha I've seen being used in a couple of LOs.

And then I had to get these stitches even though I have lots of stitches already. I just think one can never have too many quality stitches and they looked so fun and funky so I bought them anyway.

I also finished my next freebie. It's not the one I was talking about earlier since I got on a side track and got inspired to update my second kit that I did a while back. The patterns of the papers are the same as in the original one and and also a few of the elements are the same, but most of them I created today. Here's the sneak peek of the papers.

I'm not very creative with the kit names and so this one is called Summer Green at the moment. If anyone has any better suggestions I'd be happy to hear them. I'll upload the kit tomorrow or on Thursday so get ready for it! :)

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I've been wanting beads just like those, now I know where to get them. Now I have to go spend money. I can't think of any names for the kit. I'm not good at them either. What about Fields of Clover? Or Clover Fields would be less wordy. See, I told you I'm no good!

I'm a waiting for the new kit! I just can't wait! You are so talented!

The new kit it's wonderful again. I'm not very good either with names for kits, and I'm not sure if this will be of any help, but your kits, in my opinion have a kinda Modernist feeling, and the Bouquet of Roses kit, reminded me the Macquitosh Roses, the Scottish-British modernist designer. So perhaps some kind of name with Modernist inspiration, or Art Deco one. Something like "Victorian dreams" The preview looks to me like the kind of patterns use in those caustic tiles so in vogue in Britain right now, and Victorian ones. :o)

I'm sorry I'm not good given names to kits. :)

And congratulations in your new kit. :o)

Lovely new kit Mira-looking forward to it.
"Apple cider"
"In the meadow" (looks kind of summery)
I am a bit useless too!
Sometimes it comes in flashes of inspiration, and others I sit with a blank brain!
Hope you find your name!

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