Saturday, May 26, 2007

I just can't decide..

It's been such a long time since I last blogged or scrapped not to mention about designing. These last few weeks have just flown by and since we only have a couple of days of school left there's been lots of essays and other things to do. I'm so relieved I got my last essay finished yesterday so I don't have to stress about any essays anymore. Only one more small exam to go on Monday and then on Thursday we'll be celebrating the beginning of the summer holiday by going on a cruise to Stockholm with my class. And after that I'll be able to focus more on scrapping and also planning my trip to Dublin. :)

But, I was able to scrap a layout yesterday, or actually two since I couldn't decide which one was better.. The picture is of my friend's daughter and she's such a cutie! I always try out lots of different things when doing a layout since I'm not able to picture the finished layout in my head before I start. And then it's often difficult for me to decide which one is the best. But this time it was impossible for me decide.. I kind of like the first one more but I'm not quite sure if there's just too much going on. So if you could help me out and tell me what you think it would help me a lot. :)

Credits: yellow paper - Pattie Knox, pink paper (recoloured) - Misty Mareda, border overlay - Michelle Coleman, frame - Katie Pertiet, flower accent - Kim Christensen, stich - Syrin, prong - Catrine, tag - Miss Mint, orange butterly - Angie Briggs, yellow butterfly - BDerksen, paper tear - Micheline Martin.
Top LO: stamp frame (cut out from the paper by Pattie Knox) - Carrie Stephens, gems - Tanya Todd Krasen. Bottom LO: stamp frame - Miss Mint.
Font: Jane Austin.

I also managed to create a freebie for you! I guess you've already been waiting for that.. ;) It's a bit different this time since it's not a kit but some felt borders instead. They are really fun and funky so I hope you like them. Have fun with them! :)

Sorry, the link is gone. Thanks for your interest in the freebie. :)

That's all from me this time. I think I should propably go to bed now but I kind of would like to do some more scrapping so we'll see about that.. ;) Good night anyway!

P.S. I you visited my blog a few days ago and wondered about those video clips, they weren't meant to be posted. I just had some problems with YouTube earlier and apparently YouTube decided to post the clip and even twice even though I wasn't going to.. So, sorry about the mess..! :)

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Thanks for the cool felt borders!

Thank you so much for the terrific borders...;o)
I would also like to place my preference on LO #1...I like more simple layouts and this one does not look too busy to fact I think the large blank area in the second draws attention away from that liitle Beauty...;o)

Hi, thanks so much for the cute borders, they're great!

Now for the layouts, the first one is definitely better! The swirls in the background actually make the layout 'pretty '. If it was my layout though, i would make the picture black and white, but that's just my preference. You did a good job on it!

I love the LO with the swirly behind the photo. I don't think it's too busy at all. I love the felt borders, they are very cool. Glad your classes are coming to an end. That's always a relief. Have a great weekend!!

Well, i like the first layout as compared to the second layout. Oh ya, thanks for the felt borders. =D

Beautiful. Thank you so much.

Thanks for the freebie....
Lo nr 1 is definitively the one I should go for, the swirl behind the photo makes the beautiful girl pop out.


thank you very much for sharing the felt borders. really cool

Hi Mira
I love lay out number 1-very pretty and soft looking, the swirls just add that extra touch!

Hi Mira I prefer LO #2...seems to me that the little cutie pie is the main focus of the page and that's just my opinion:)
Thanks for the great borders...very unique and I can't wait to try them out. Thanks for a great share.

Hello Mira,
Thank you for the felt borders.

I really like the first one w/ the swirlies behind the pictures.

Have a great day

Thanks for the borders & #1 it is great job!

These are beautiful border, Mira. I love the fun colors. Thank you for sharing.
I like #1 with the swirls best.

Both layouts are gorgeous, although I'd probably lean toward choosing the first one. Very inspiring! And thanks for the freebie!

I love both of your pages. But I prefer the first one with the swirl. It just adds a little more pizzaz to the page.
Thanks for the borders, too. Love them.

TY very much for the great felt borders!!!

Well, I just found your site and the borders are awesome! THank you! I'm sad I missed the other 2 freebies, but I'll be back to watch for another!

Love the borders and I would totally go with the first one. There's more going on but it doesn't detract from the LO it frames the little cutie nicely.

hmmm... tough decision indeed... personally I like the 1st one better, the frame really adds a lot - I would move the butterfly more right though... of course that's just my opinion :)
thanks for the felt borders, they are very funky!

Best wishes and luck in your last exam and I hope you get great grades in your exams and essays. :) Also I hope you have a great time in your cruise to Stockholm and take lots and lots of photos. :)

About the layout I prefer the first one, because the swirl behind the photo makes little contrast with the background so it keeps being a nice and clean layout, and a very beautiful one. So I agree with the people that prefer that one. :)

Have a great time during the cruise and planning your summer and best wishes. And thanks a million for the borders, they are great. :o)

love the borders! TFS!

Thank you for the felt borders. They are really nice.

I like the first layout. Like how the swirls brings the focus of the layout to the picture and they make a very pretty frame for the picture too.

Such cute borders! Thanks so much!!

Also, like Layout #1 - you did a great job!

Thank you for the great felt borders! I really like the first layout. The swirls in the back ground really soften the layout - adds something sweet to it! Thanks again, Jo

Thank you so much for the terrific borders!!Love your LO (both)!

I like LO number 2 the best but both are beautiful! thanks for the borders!

Thanks for the borders ,they are lush!

I prefer your 1st layout its gorgeous,the swirls add that bit extra too it .

Thank you very much for this beautiful borders.

use the first one, it's really nice ;)

i know the link is no longer available, but where can i purchase the felt borders?

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