Monday, May 14, 2007

No luck

Well, Finland didn't win the ice hockey world championship or the Eurovision song contest but that's alright. The main thing is that we came in before the Swedes in both of the events.. ;) And  the Serbian song was one of my favourites so I was really happy that they won the Eurovision. Anyway, I think the Eurovision song contest should be more about great and diverse music and less about the show but I'm not sure if that's going to happen in the near future. But well, that's not a matter of life and death to me so we'll leave it to that.. :)

What I wanted to tell you is to say a BIG THANKS for all the comments you've left on my Birthday Girl kit (and the previous freebies as well)! I couldn't believe that it would get such a great response from you since I wasn't quite sure about the whole kit. So, thanks once again, I've really enjoyed reading your comments!! Hopefully I'll see some layouts done with the kit soon.. :)

And finally, I've got a new LO to show you. I guess I'll have to warn you not to get scared about the pictures since I know they look a bit weird.. ;) They are  just taken at school when I was bleaching my friend's teeth.. :)

Credits: notebookpaper - Lauren Grier, red paper (recolored) - Dimi Hearts, blue paper (recolored) - Christina Heren, punch label alpha - Leah Riordan, staples - Kim Christensen, sticker frame - Melgen Designs, paper fold - Karah Fredricks.
Fonts: Benny Blanco, Haettenschweiler, 1942 report.

But well, now I'm so hungry that I'll really have to get something to eat and I still have some homework to do so I'll continue another day.

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I love your layout! The pictures are a bit strange, but the colors all work great. And I love the paper fold! I've not been a huge fan of them in the past, but seeing how you used yours may just convince me to try one!

the pictures is really strange ,but that is your future the paper fold too!

I must agree with the rest, the photos are a bit strange. LOL When we usually go to the dentist we don't see that part. LOL We are at the other end. LOL They are good to remember that the dentist is doing a great job, though. :)

Sorry to hear that that Finland did not win in either competition, but to be above Sweden in both seems to sound like a victory somehow, so congratulations on that. :) About the Eurovision contest I don't really follow the contest in last few years. :)

Anyway the layout, like others you have put in the blog, is really clean and nice. The way you overlap the different papers look really nice. Congratulations. :)

Have a good weekend and best wishes. :o)

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