Saturday, May 12, 2007

Still here

Hi there! This is just a quick note to let you know that I haven't gone anywhere.. I've just had a really busy week at school as we've spent the whole week training in a home for the elderly so I've had no time for blogging or scrapping.. :( But, the good news is that I finished my next freebie tonight and I'll upload it for you tomorrow. Here's a preview of the papers and the colours.

The papers turned out a bit grungier than my previous designs but I quite like the look. I included some birthday elements to it so it will be good for scrapping girly birthday party pages. Hope Becki will like it since she was the one with the idea. :) But, you'll have to wait till tomorrow to see it, since this girl should've been to bed already an hour ago.. See ya!

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The preview looks great can't wait to get the whole thing! Sorry you've been so busy!

For sure, I'll be back tomorrow!!!!

Hey Mira
The new freeie looks gorgeous,I am so excited and watching my rss feed like mad waiting for it! grunge is good by the way!

Awesome.. thank you so much.


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