Saturday, June 30, 2007

Something medieval and something modern..

I went to a Medieval Market today with some friends of mine. It's a medieval fair that takes place every summer in my home town. There's always lots of handicraftsmen selling their products in little stalls and lots of actors playing common people and nobility that all creates a medieval athmosphere. The storyline alternates every year. This time it was the year 1412 and the common people were having a hard time obeying the rules, and there was a rebellion being planned. So, we saw how a tongue was cut out from a rebellious man and how a knight was executed because he had assassinated the Mayor.. There was also and archery performance and a jousting event etc. It's always great to visit there and interesting to see a glimpse of what life was like in the Middle Ages. I just went quite late to the fair today so I didn't any good pictures but I'll show you a few from previous years so you'll get an idea of it. 

I've been busy making some new products. Wanna see? I think you're gonna love this first set, or at least if you like stitches you will. ;) This set has 12 different funky and messy stitches made of real yarn so they are very realistic. Also, some of the stitches are included with and without realistic shadows. You can find the set here at Scraphead.

I also created a new pack of solid papers for my Simply Solids collection. The papers have nice pastel colors and gorgeous textures and can be found here.

And, I have a little freebie for you as well. :) I decided to try making templates of some of the old layouts of mine and this is the first one. It was actually much easier to transform a layout into a template than what I thought so I think I'll might be doing more of these.. :) Since it's the first template of mine, please let me know if there's any problems with the .psd file. 

Please leave a comment if you download. Enjoy!  

Sorry, the link is gone. Thanks to all for your interest in the freebie! :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Scrapping problems

It's been really grey and rainy here today. And I don't have anything interesting to post about except that I won't have to go to work until next Tuesday so I might be able to design something new and possibly scrap something too. :) I haven't scrapped in ages so it would be great to scrap a layout or two. Almost all the pictures I've taken since I bought my digital camera two years ago are just sitting on my hard drive waiting to be scrapped. A big part of those pictures are from my brother's wedding and my other brother's graduation and that's like several hundred pictures. I've been a bit stressed out about those pictures since it's quite impossibe to scrap that amount of pictures from the same occasion. And many of the pictures are just portraits of different guests sitting at a table etc and they are not very scrappable. So, to help me out I've been thinking to make just a couple of LOs from the best pictures and to develop the rest and put them on my traditional photo album. I'd be interested to know if you've figured out a better way to handle wedding photos and such so let me know how you scrap yours.. :)

BTW, Carol has made a cute add-on to her Twiggy Frames. It's available as a freebie at Scraphead so go snag it. :)

Sorry, this set is not a freebie anymore but you can get it at the Sraphead store.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Patients, new products and CT layouts

Yay, I survived my day at work! I've been working as a dental assistant but today was the first day I worked as a dental hygienist and treated my own patients. I was quite nervous about it in the morning but it all went surprisingly well and I even managed to stay in schedule. Well, it really helped that half of the patients had cancelled their appointment but I didn't really mind so much as it was my first day and it made the day a bit easier for me.. ;) 

But, I want to show you a couple of new products I've uploaded to the shoppe. First, I've got this set of 10 solid papers that all have different realistic textures. In the name it says Part 01 meaning that I might be doing some more of these.. ;)

Secondly, I made this super fun cardboard strip alpha that I'm sure you'll be able to use in lots of different ways.

If you like these, the sale at Scraphead is still going on until the end of June so go grab them now. And talking about grabbing, if you haven't noticed I managed to create a blinkie. :) If you want it, it's free for you to grab (it's in the left column).

And finally, I want to show you a few CT layouts made with my Aqua Breeze kit. This first one is by Amanda and it's sooo cute.

And these are made by Scraphead's new CT member Brittney. I think these pictures go really well with the kit and I like the paper LO feel of these pages.

Well, that's all from me now. I'll have to go to bed so that I'll be ready to treat some new patiens tomorrow morning at 8:30. Good night!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Home, sweet home

So, we came back from Dublin yesterday and the trip went fine except for a couple of small incidents like a seagull sh***ing on us or water running out in the middle of taking a shower in our hostel.. ;) But other than that it was just fine. Well, the weather of course could have been better but even though it was raining three days out of four it wasn't raining all the time and there wasn't any thundering like had been forecasted. We even got to see some sun shine every now and then so I guess we had a pretty good luck with the weather.. :)

We spent the first three days in Dublin and saw pretty much everything there is to see except for the Book of Kells at the Trinity College Library because that wasn't included in the Dublin Pass we had bought and it costed quite much. But we visited Dublin Castle, Kilmainham Gaol, St Patrick's Cathedral, Guinnes Storehouse and lots of museums. I think the most interesting place was Kilmainham Gaol, an unoccupied former prison, because of it's important role in Ireland's history and the remarkable people who'd been there as prisoners. It was quite impressive to see the small damp cells and imagine what it would've been like to be there as a prisoner a hundred years ago.

In addition to visiting the attractions, we got to know the shops in Dublin as well since the summer sales where just starting out and we just couldn't waste an opportunity that good.. ;) So I think we went to almost all the shops there and some of them even twice. It was just a bit weird that all the shops were closed at 5:30 PM since we're used to shops being open until 8 or 9 PM every evening. So, we never quite figured out how people spend their evenings there, perhaps sitting in the pubs or something..? Well, we spent the evenings by eating out and going to movies to see Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End which was quite funny even though I didn't understand all of it without subtitles. And one evening we somehow ended up in the middle of a special evening sale for elderly ladies at a department store.. ;) It was quite hilarious and we certainly had a feeling of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. But, we actually ended up buying lots of things from there since there happened to be a small section of Esprit clothes in there..

I was a bit surprised that Dublin wasn't bigger than what it was and so the first days we walked everywhere. My shoes just weren't that good and so the second evening I had a huge blister on the ball of my foot. Walking wasn't very nice after that and so we started using bus. Anyway, it wasn't that easy and we ended up sightseeing the farthermost suburbs of Dublin and giving the bus driver a good laugh when asking how to get back to the center at the terminal stop.. ;)

The final day we travelled to Belfast by train. It was raining heavily on the way and so we thought it would get wet for us but when we got to Belfast the sky was all blue and the sun was shining so it was really nice. I really liked Belfast even though there wasn't that many old buildings in the center and new ones were being built all the time. We had a relaxed day shopping around and visiting some attractions. I only regret that we didn't go to see the murals in the suburbs as Belfast has such an interesting history and the murals would have given a small glimpse of that.

Whew, this is a long post. If you managed to get this far, congratulations! :) And by the way, if you were having a blast looking at the preview of my Aqua Breeze A**-On, I'm just happy I made your day even though it was unintentional.. ;) It really said Add-On but I guess the font played a trick on me.. I really didn't notice it myself before I leaved to Dublin, otherwise I would've fixed it. But, I guess a good laugh every now and then won't hurt anyone.. ;) Anyway, thanks again for all your comments on the add-on, they are really appreciated!

Oh, I almost forgot.. Here's the latest freebie that's available at Scraphead.

Sorry, this set is not a freebie anymore but you can get it at the Sraphead store.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ireland, here I come.. :)

Yay, tomorrow is the day we'll be heading off on our vacation trip to Dublin with my friend! Can't wait! I've borrowed all the travel guides about Ireland from the library and we've been planning the trip so we know quite well what we'd like to do and see. We'll propably buy the Dublin Pass that allows free entry to most of the attractions as it will be cheaper that way and makes it possible to skip the queues which is always nice. And since we'll be there for four days and have plenty of time we're planning on going to Belfast as well. The only downside of the trip is that the weather forecast isn't looking too good, showers, rain and thunderstorms for the whole time we'll be there.. Not the ideal vacation weather.. But having lived in England for some time, I know that you can't avoid rain in the British Isles.. ;) So we'll just have to pack some warm and rain proof clothes and of course take an umbrella with us everywhere. It's just going to be a little bit difficult to decide what clothes to pack though since it's much easier to pack summer clothes.

I've been meaning to blog earlier but these last two weeks have been just exhausting so I didn't have the energy to do it. I'm working in a dentist center as a dental assistant and these weeks have been awfully busy because the dentists are about to leave on their summer holidays and want to treat as many patients before that as possible. So, I've been working more than eight hours almost every day with only a 15 minute lunch break and somehow I haven't been able to sleep enough. I've been so tired when I've got home that many times I almost fell asleep while sitting here by my computer and designing my newest kit, Aqua Breeze. But, I managed to finish the kit and it's already available in the store at Scraphead so if you like it go check it out here. And don't forget that the 30% off sale at Scraphead will continue till the end of June. :)

I also made a little add-on pack for the Aqua Breeze kit. I just love these solid papers here. Enjoy! 

Sorry, the link is gone. Thanks to all for your interest in the freebie. :)

And if you still haven't seen this cute freebie, I'll have to show it to you. :) It's are available at Scraphead and there's also a bunch of other great freebies there too so go snatch them if you haven't already.

Sorry, this set is not a freebie anymore but you can get it at the Scraphead store.

Finally, I want to show you this cool layout by Amanda that she made using my Summer Fun kit and Funky Felt Borders freebie. It's just such a happy and colorful page and that picture is gorgeous.

But I'll have to start packing now. Next time I'll be showing you some pictures from Dublin. :) See ya!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Sale at Scraphead

Well, the summer has officially begun and it became really fast! It's been wonderful, lot of warmth, sunshine and ice cream.. :) We also were on the cruise to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, last week that I was talking about and it was quite nice. We had a dinner at the buffet in the evening and ate so much that I can't remember the last time my stomach was that full. I even tasted some caviar and mussels (or scallops or whatever they are called) but didn't quite understand what's the fuss about them.. ;) Anyway, because of the weather I haven't much felt like sitting inside by my computer but I've still managed to get something done. Wanna see?

First I've got this cool set of stamped alpha available here. The alphas have a slight grid pattern on them that you can't really see in the preview but it looks really great and grunge. The set includes upper and lower case letters, numbers and a few punctuation marks and is easy to recolor to any color you wish.

Then I made these cute calendar labels for adding dates on layouts. I really like the way they turned out and that I managed to get them look like there's a few pages torn off from the top of the pile. :) The set is available here.

If you want these or the Summer Fun kit then now's the perfect time to get them since Scraphead is having a store wide sale the whole month of June and it's 30 % off! And there's also a chance to win a free Shutterfly photo book!

And some good news to those who missed my Funky Felt Borders freebie a few weeks ago. The set is going to be available in the freebie section at Scraphead. It's not there yet but should be today or tomorrow so if you can't see it yet, don't panic. :)

Sorry, these borders are not a freebie anymore but you can get them at the Scraphead store here.

But, this is all this time. I'm off to get some sleep. We'll propably be going to see an open-air theatre act tomorrow with a few work colleagues of mine. The act is called Telephone Directory and I'm really curious to see how it's possible to create a play about something as boring as a telephone directory.. ;)

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Summer Fun

Yahoo, I've done with uploading my old freebies to my Scraphead store! It's been quite a lot of work actually but it's so much fun to see my kits up there in the store.. ;) But now, this is what you've been waiting for and what I've been waiting for to show you. It's my new kit, Summer Fun and I love it. It's got such fun colours and patterns and the elements are so cool. Well, I think I'll have to show it to you, so here it is.. ;) It's available here at my Scraphead store.

If you visit the Scraphead store be sure to grab this great freebie alpha by Carol Abram. You can find the link to the freebies on the right side of the front page here.

Sorry, this alpha is not a freebie anymore but you can get it at the store here.

And, I remember talking something about a freebie of mine in the earlier post.. ;) It's a little add on to Summer Fun. Enjoy!

Sorry, the link is gone. Thanks to all for your interest in the freebie! :)

And then, I have some gorgeus layouts to show you. They are made by Amanda and can you believe it, she's on my CT!! I'm so lucky to have her since she creates stunning layouts. Here's a layout she did using mostly my Spring Is in the Air kit. You can see the credits and leave her some love here.

And this one she did with In the Meadow. You can see the credits here. I just love the summery feel of this page and how she arranged the pictures.

But, I must go now because I'm in a hurry to go to work. See you later!