Saturday, June 23, 2007

Home, sweet home

So, we came back from Dublin yesterday and the trip went fine except for a couple of small incidents like a seagull sh***ing on us or water running out in the middle of taking a shower in our hostel.. ;) But other than that it was just fine. Well, the weather of course could have been better but even though it was raining three days out of four it wasn't raining all the time and there wasn't any thundering like had been forecasted. We even got to see some sun shine every now and then so I guess we had a pretty good luck with the weather.. :)

We spent the first three days in Dublin and saw pretty much everything there is to see except for the Book of Kells at the Trinity College Library because that wasn't included in the Dublin Pass we had bought and it costed quite much. But we visited Dublin Castle, Kilmainham Gaol, St Patrick's Cathedral, Guinnes Storehouse and lots of museums. I think the most interesting place was Kilmainham Gaol, an unoccupied former prison, because of it's important role in Ireland's history and the remarkable people who'd been there as prisoners. It was quite impressive to see the small damp cells and imagine what it would've been like to be there as a prisoner a hundred years ago.

In addition to visiting the attractions, we got to know the shops in Dublin as well since the summer sales where just starting out and we just couldn't waste an opportunity that good.. ;) So I think we went to almost all the shops there and some of them even twice. It was just a bit weird that all the shops were closed at 5:30 PM since we're used to shops being open until 8 or 9 PM every evening. So, we never quite figured out how people spend their evenings there, perhaps sitting in the pubs or something..? Well, we spent the evenings by eating out and going to movies to see Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End which was quite funny even though I didn't understand all of it without subtitles. And one evening we somehow ended up in the middle of a special evening sale for elderly ladies at a department store.. ;) It was quite hilarious and we certainly had a feeling of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. But, we actually ended up buying lots of things from there since there happened to be a small section of Esprit clothes in there..

I was a bit surprised that Dublin wasn't bigger than what it was and so the first days we walked everywhere. My shoes just weren't that good and so the second evening I had a huge blister on the ball of my foot. Walking wasn't very nice after that and so we started using bus. Anyway, it wasn't that easy and we ended up sightseeing the farthermost suburbs of Dublin and giving the bus driver a good laugh when asking how to get back to the center at the terminal stop.. ;)

The final day we travelled to Belfast by train. It was raining heavily on the way and so we thought it would get wet for us but when we got to Belfast the sky was all blue and the sun was shining so it was really nice. I really liked Belfast even though there wasn't that many old buildings in the center and new ones were being built all the time. We had a relaxed day shopping around and visiting some attractions. I only regret that we didn't go to see the murals in the suburbs as Belfast has such an interesting history and the murals would have given a small glimpse of that.

Whew, this is a long post. If you managed to get this far, congratulations! :) And by the way, if you were having a blast looking at the preview of my Aqua Breeze A**-On, I'm just happy I made your day even though it was unintentional.. ;) It really said Add-On but I guess the font played a trick on me.. I really didn't notice it myself before I leaved to Dublin, otherwise I would've fixed it. But, I guess a good laugh every now and then won't hurt anyone.. ;) Anyway, thanks again for all your comments on the add-on, they are really appreciated!

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So glad you had a good time! Dublin is a place I really want to go someday. Love the pictures! So do you now need a vacation from your vacation? I always feel that way when I get home!

Glad to have you back :) It's nice to see you have a great time in Dublin and it didn't rain that much in the end. :) In the west of Ireland that is where I live, the weather has been horrendous and it's been raining quite a lot. :( And the worst part is that it doesn't seem it's going to improve for the moment. :(

I don't know how you manage to visit so much. I never manage to see lots of things when I go there. It must be that I always need to do something there and just dedicate myself to visit things for a couple of hours. LOL

About the early closing times, people just go to grab a bite at home or somewhere else and then later on they either go to the pub or some other place like the cinema. Or they must just stay at home and go out during the weekends. :)

The photos are very nice and the Belfast ones are great. :)

Glad to have you back and best wishes. :o)

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