Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ireland, here I come.. :)

Yay, tomorrow is the day we'll be heading off on our vacation trip to Dublin with my friend! Can't wait! I've borrowed all the travel guides about Ireland from the library and we've been planning the trip so we know quite well what we'd like to do and see. We'll propably buy the Dublin Pass that allows free entry to most of the attractions as it will be cheaper that way and makes it possible to skip the queues which is always nice. And since we'll be there for four days and have plenty of time we're planning on going to Belfast as well. The only downside of the trip is that the weather forecast isn't looking too good, showers, rain and thunderstorms for the whole time we'll be there.. Not the ideal vacation weather.. But having lived in England for some time, I know that you can't avoid rain in the British Isles.. ;) So we'll just have to pack some warm and rain proof clothes and of course take an umbrella with us everywhere. It's just going to be a little bit difficult to decide what clothes to pack though since it's much easier to pack summer clothes.

I've been meaning to blog earlier but these last two weeks have been just exhausting so I didn't have the energy to do it. I'm working in a dentist center as a dental assistant and these weeks have been awfully busy because the dentists are about to leave on their summer holidays and want to treat as many patients before that as possible. So, I've been working more than eight hours almost every day with only a 15 minute lunch break and somehow I haven't been able to sleep enough. I've been so tired when I've got home that many times I almost fell asleep while sitting here by my computer and designing my newest kit, Aqua Breeze. But, I managed to finish the kit and it's already available in the store at Scraphead so if you like it go check it out here. And don't forget that the 30% off sale at Scraphead will continue till the end of June. :)

I also made a little add-on pack for the Aqua Breeze kit. I just love these solid papers here. Enjoy! 

Sorry, the link is gone. Thanks to all for your interest in the freebie. :)

And if you still haven't seen this cute freebie, I'll have to show it to you. :) It's are available at Scraphead and there's also a bunch of other great freebies there too so go snatch them if you haven't already.

Sorry, this set is not a freebie anymore but you can get it at the Scraphead store.

Finally, I want to show you this cool layout by Amanda that she made using my Summer Fun kit and Funky Felt Borders freebie. It's just such a happy and colorful page and that picture is gorgeous.

But I'll have to start packing now. Next time I'll be showing you some pictures from Dublin. :) See ya!

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Love your Aqua Breeze kit, the colors are sensational. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you so much for the add-on. The whole kit looks fantastic.

Enjoy your trip to Dublin. We are going there in August for 1 week, we're planning visit Dublin too and I love Kilkenny (from the travel guide lol:) so I'll be chacking your block for yome experience and pics.

Thanks again for the add-on. Hugs

Thanks !!!! Your freebie is beautiful !!! If you want I’ve got a little freebie for you on my blog…

So pretty! Thank you and have a great trip!

what a gorgeous kit! thanks... and a belated congrats on selling at Scraphead! :)

It is 20 years ago, that I was in Ireland, and it is still the isle of my dreams I wish you some wonderful holidays there with lots of memories.
Thank you for your sampler, the colors are great.

Have a great time on your trip!! Take lots of pictures and have fun in the rain!

The weather was so good a couple of weeks ago, but considering that the weather in Dublin is almost always much better than in the South west, you might be lucky and get nice weather or at least avoid the rain. So best of luck on that and have great fun during your holidays. :)

Your new kit is very beautiful, and the addon is wonderful, thanks so much for sharing it with us.:)

Best wishes and have a nice trip. :o)

Thanks for that darling freebie! It's very cute :).
Have fun on your vacation.

Have a safe & enjoyable vacation!!!
TY so very much for your lovely add on!!!

beautiful kit! thank you for the freebie :)

Hi Minna!

Hope you're having a wonderful time in Ireland...the Cliffs of Moher in County Clare is one of my very favorite places to be in the whole world, in spite of the stinky weather.

Can't wait to see pictures of Ireland...I miss it!


Welcome to Ireland!!! I live near Belfast, hope you have a great time. Contact me if you have any questions of need any more help. Thanks for the freebie. Great blog. Pics on mine of north coast of N Ireland this weekend.

Thanks so much! I hope you have an AWESOME trip!!!


Love the kit--thanks for the freebie, and have a wonderful time in Ireland!

Thank you for the great add-on! Enjoy your trip!!


Thanks so much for sharing this fun kit add on! Hope you have a terrific trip to Ireland!

I love your kits!! They're beautiful...I made a layout with the Aqua Breeze freebie found here on my blog--
Thanks so much for the freebies!!!

ASS-on that is hilarious! I'm sure it was a mistake, but you gave me a great laugh today! Thanks

Hello from France ! I made a page with your aqua-breeze add-on, you can see it on my blog :

Thank you very much !

Hello Mira,
I just love this aqua breeze kit. The colors are so fun!
I wanted to dl the add on but the page does not load.


Thank you for the cool freebie, it is just what I was looking for!

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