Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Scrapping problems

It's been really grey and rainy here today. And I don't have anything interesting to post about except that I won't have to go to work until next Tuesday so I might be able to design something new and possibly scrap something too. :) I haven't scrapped in ages so it would be great to scrap a layout or two. Almost all the pictures I've taken since I bought my digital camera two years ago are just sitting on my hard drive waiting to be scrapped. A big part of those pictures are from my brother's wedding and my other brother's graduation and that's like several hundred pictures. I've been a bit stressed out about those pictures since it's quite impossibe to scrap that amount of pictures from the same occasion. And many of the pictures are just portraits of different guests sitting at a table etc and they are not very scrappable. So, to help me out I've been thinking to make just a couple of LOs from the best pictures and to develop the rest and put them on my traditional photo album. I'd be interested to know if you've figured out a better way to handle wedding photos and such so let me know how you scrap yours.. :)

BTW, Carol has made a cute add-on to her Twiggy Frames. It's available as a freebie at Scraphead so go snag it. :)

Sorry, this set is not a freebie anymore but you can get it at the Sraphead store.

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Yea! Days off from work! That must be nice. I wish my kids would give me days off. :o) I agree with your plan of just scrapping the good wedding photos and putting the rest in a traditional album. Good luck with that!

What about taking those not so good pictures and making sorta a collage, then taking the brightness up and the contrast down on them and making a background out of them? I like photo collages, they can be fun to look at later on and try to "count the faces" and stuff.

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