Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The correct answer is...

So, here it comes... :)

Ebie was the first one to get it right so she won my Branded Papers set. Congrats! :) I really didn't believe how fast you guessed the right answer since Swaziland is not a very well known country. But I guess there isn't that many countries beginning with an S so that hint made it a lot easier. :)

I'm not sure if I had ever even heard of Swaziland before I found out this year that it's possible for us to go there as an exchange student. In case you're as clueless as I was and don't know where it is, it's on the northeastern border of South-Africa. It's a really small country with a little more than a million inhabitants and it's located relatively high above the sea level so the nature is quite green there and the climate is not as hot and dry as in many parts of Africa. 

The majority of us students going there are studying some area of health care and so we'll be training in small health clinics in different parts of the country. Not surprisingly, the health care level isn't very good there and so there'll be lots for us to do there. And in the whole country there's some 40 dentists so you can imagine that you won't see many white Pepsodent smiles there.. But, I'm so excited about going there and can't wait for the end of September when we'll be leaving. I know it'll be a huge culture shock in the beginning but assuming I'll survive that, I think it's going to be a rich and broadening experience from which I'll learn so much. :)

The only thing I'm a bit worried about, in addition to getting malaria, being beaten up and robbed, is the internet connection.. ;) I know there's internet cafees there and it'll be possible to use the internet but from what I've heard the connections can be really slow. I'm going to take my laptop with me so I'll be able to do some scrapping and designing there but I'm not sure if I'll be able to upload them to the shop. We'll just have to wait and see what happens.. In any case, I'll be back after Christmas and after that I'll have lots of new goodies to share. :)

But, that's enough of Swaziland this time. I still have one more thing I want to share before I finish.. I just wanted to show you this cute CT layout pillowgirl made using my Branded Papers. It's so clever how she used two of those papers on one page. It never crossed my mind to use them like that.. ;) You can see the rest of the credits here.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to say that the round alpha I used spelling Swaziland is made by me and will be available at Scraphead in a few days.. :) See ya!

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Well, I was close with South Africa! That will be so cool. I'm not sure how I'd do with the no internet thing, though. But I'm sure you will keep plenty busy whitening all those smiles! I don't know what I'll do all those months without Minna things to scrap with!

PS Your email is still not working for me, though I get emails from you. And I seem to have deleted the email you sent me with your other email address. Sheesh. But I did a LO with your Branded Papers. It's up in the gallery at Scraphead. Hope you like!

It's fantastic the exchange program you are going. And I think it's lovely going to a place and make volunteer work as you are going to do. :)I was thinking about countries but somehow I could not think of a good one that will be one were you would be needing vaccination shots and Swaziland didn't cross my mind. :)

It's pretty close to South Africa, so even if the Internet connection is not good there, I'm sure you might be able to get into South Africa now and then and get connection there, plus perhaps anything you might not get in the little country. But being so close to South Africa I assume they will have plenty of facilities, even though they might not have professionals of your kind. :)

I don't know whether you know this website, but Snap and Scrap this is a South African Scrap booking website, lots of the girls there live in South Africa. They might be able to help you to find Internet connection and give you hints about the place from people that live there,which is different from the usual formal information you might get. :)And I have read they sometimes do Workshops, so if you don't get connection that might help you to keep up the scrapbooking addiction LOL and keeping in touch with other scrapbookers. :)

Congratulations in that and in the new shop you are going to start selling and best wishes. :O)

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