Friday, July 27, 2007

A hole in the ceiling

Well, there's been nothing very interesting going on here except that I have a hole in my bathroom ceiling.. There has been a leakage in the bathroom in the apartment above me and now they've been fixing it up. But apparently, it's not going quite how it's supposed to because a part of my ceiling has come down.. It was quite a scary experience to take a shower one morning while the men were drilling right above my head and I was expecting them to fall on my head any minute with the ceiling.. ;) And as if a hole in the ceiling in not enough, they've also managed to break my electricity wire so that I lost the electricity from my bathroom and kitchen. It's quite interesting to come home after work and see if there's anything else broken during the day.. ;) Well, it's actually not as bad as it sounds. I had an electrician come here yesterday and he fixed the electricity in the bathroom and gave me a huge lamp for the kitchen as he couldn't fix the kitchen yet. And even though I have a hole in the ceiling, there isn't anything coming down through it, so that's a good thing. :)
But, on to other things.. :) Did you know that there's a special sale going on at Scraphead?! Right now you can get 40 % off from all the paper packs. So, if you were thinking about buying my Branded Papers or any other paper set now is the perfect time to do it! :)

And speaking of Branded Papers, here's a couple of fab layouts my CT member Amanda made using them. Isn't this first one so much fun and a perfect mix of colors! Credits here.

And this one is so beautiful too! I love the blocking, the colors and that picture is gorgeous! Credits here.

Finally, there's a new freebie at Scraphead Freebie section too. It's this cute set of Twiggy Words Carol has come up with. As usual, you can find the link for the freebies at the Scraphead home page.

Sorry, this is not available as a freebie anymore but you can find it at the Scraphead store.

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I don't think I could shower when the bathroom ceiling could fall in at any moment! What if the repairman fell through! Yikes! Hope it all gets fixed soon! I still can't get over seeing my LO's on someone else's blog. :o)

Sorry about your domestic problems, :( it's not funny to be without electricity or thinking what else could go wrong where you live. :( I hope everything gets sort it out soon without other incidents. :)

The layouts are really beautiful, thanks so much for sharing them with us, and many thanks for the link to the Scraphead new freebie. :)

Best wishes. :O)

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