Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mission accomplished

Yay, I think I just saved the concert of Rolling Stones in Helsinki this Wednesday.. ;) The clinic I'm working at is being on call on Saturdays and I was working there this Saturday. The firm also has a clinic in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Anyway, I got a call this Saturday from a lady arranging the concert of Rolling Stones in Finland and she needed a dentist appointment for one of the crew members of Rolling Stones for Monday. She had already booked an appointment for one member of the crew for Monday morning at out clinic in Helsinki but now another one of them had a tooth ache too and needed to see a dentist. She had tried to call our clinic in Helsinki and had been waiting for half an hour on line for somebody to pick up the phone but got no answer (because no one was there on Saturday). She had also sent email to us but nobody reads them on weekends so no luck there either. So, she was quite desperate to get an appointment and called us even though we are in a totally different city. After a few phone calls and an unsuccessful attempt to get and access to the appointment data of our clinic in Helsinki with our computer I ended up sending a fax to the people working in Helsinki telling them to treat this other stuff member too on Monday morning even if they didn't have free appointment times then. So, mission accomplished and the concert of Rolling Stones is saved as the crew members will be able to concentrate in setting up the stage without suffering of any tooth aches.. ;)

I also managed to upload these cute alphas to the shop at Scraphead. They are made of cotton pads and have a stitching on them. I made them in four different colors so that you can mix and match. The first pack includes pink and green alphas and the second pack blue and orange alphas. You can get this pink and green set here.

And this more boyish set of blue and orange is available here. I hope you like them!

Well, that's it then. Have a nice week! :)

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How heroic of you! The Rolling Stones better appreciate all your hard work! Love the new alphas and can't wait to play with them!

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