Thursday, August 2, 2007

The funkiest flowers out there.. ;)

I created this set of flowers yesterday called Funky Flora. They are the funkiest and cutest flowers out there at the moment, at least in my opinion.. ;) The flowers are made of cutout newspaper with stitched cotton pads on top. There's a total of 32 different kind of flowers in the set so you won't run out of them in any time soon.. ;) You can find them here at Scraphead. And a little bird told me that you might be able to get a free add-on to this set sometime soon.. :)

I scrapped a new layout too. The pictures are from two summers ago so it was about a time to scrap them already. It's my brother at an observatory that's on a high hill in my home town. You can see a bit of the view from there from the pictures. Credits here.

That's it for now. Have a nice day and stay tuned for the info about getting the add-on.. :)

2 kommenttia:

I've downloaded some of your freebies before and I think you have such fresh ideas!

I can't wait for your next sale (I have to set a digiscrapbooking budget or I'll go broke lol!)
so I can purchase some of your papers and elements.

Keep up the good work!!

I am in love with the LO AND the funky flowers!! AMAZING. You are so talented its crazy!

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