Thursday, August 30, 2007

Got my internet back

So, my internet is working again! I'm so happy about that as I was almost getting withdrawal symptoms not being able to check on my email, DST and Scraphead every day.. ;) The funny thing is that apparently there was nothing wrong with my internet connection all this time. All it needed was to unplug my laptop to get it work but I didn't ever realize to do that so I tested my modem at my grandparents', called the service advice and everything. Then my brother came to visit me and he had unplugged the laptop to watch a DVD and after that my internet was working just fine. So, he saved me a lot of money for not needing to call the repairman when there was nothing to fix.. :) Anyway, this was good practise for Africa and I'm really not quite sure how I'll be able to manage without an every day internet access.. ;)

But, I have a lot of things to show you from this past week. First of all is this exciting new product that I think you haven't seen offered anywhere else yet. It's a 1 GB flash drive packed with awesome freebies from all the Scraphead designers including my Funky Flora Add-On. You can find all the details here at Scraphead. And while you're there, be sure to check out the awesome new freebies that can now be found in the shop under the Freebies category.

And have you seen what our Scraphead CT member Brittney has been up to? If you haven't then head over to her blog to grab this amazing freebie kit called Missed the Bus that she's created. It's just awesome and those owl and turtle stickers are the cutest!! :)

I'll have to show you another thing created by a CT member too. It's this beautiful layout by Amanda she created with my Summer Elegance kit. You really have to read the journaling, it's quite funny. ;) You'll be able to read it and see the credits here.

I also have a new LO of mine to show you. Well, the pictures are from our class's Christmas party from almost two years ago but the LO is brand new. :) Again, the pictures are not the greatest but that's why I love these multiple frames so much because then it doesn't matter so much. Credits here.

Okay, I think that's pretty much everything I wanted to show you this time. I'm having days off from school and work till next Tuesday so hopefully I'll be able to finish my newest kit. It's so funny how the weather changed here from summery into fall the same day my school began. So, it'll be nice to work with a fall themed kit now when it's not such a hot weather outside and you don't feel like wanting to go to the beach all the time.. ;) Hope you have a nice day!

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Glad to hear that you got your internet connection back. :) I know what you talk about when you say that about having withdrawal symptoms without Internet. When you get so use to your daily Internet fix, you're kinda lost when you are without it. LOL

The layouts are very good, and the multi-photo one is really nice, thanks so much for sharing it with us, and best wishes. :O)

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