Saturday, August 18, 2007

This is what a hole in the ceiling looks like..

Well, at the moment I've taped the pieces to cover the hole to have some privacy but it was like this before I did it. Last time I wrote about my bathroom ceiling my electricity had gone and there was only a hole in there and it was blocked up so it was quite okay and I was happy that nothing was coming down through it. If only I had known.. ;)

So, after the repairmen managed to cut off my electric wires and the electrician got them fixed a week later big pieces of the ceiling started to come down. At that point, I was a bit annoyed but happy that at least there wasn't a leakage or anything. Well, a few days after that I started to hear this dripping noice from the bathroom and noticed that small drops of sewage were dripping through the crack. I called the maintenance man the next morning and luckily he got it fixed. But, some days later after more stuff had come down from the ceiling I heard the dripping again. I called the maintenance man again only to find out that this time he couldn't do anything about it since only a plumber could fix it and a plumber was supposed to come in a few days to work on it. So, he just told me to put some buckets there and try to manage.. Well, only a few hours later the sewage wasn't dripping anymore but it was more like pouring and from two spots! The whole bathroom was smelling and it was impossible to take a shower or anything so I wasn't liking it at all anymore. Luckily, the plumber came the next day and fixed it and I could clean my bathroom and was happy that at least I still had a ceiling. Well, only a few days later the plug that was blocking the hole had been removed and I could peek though into the flat above me...

So, pretty much everything I had feared has happened and I'm quite sick of all renovation at the moment. Fortunately, I think they've finally layered a new cement there and are building up the place rather than tearing it down so I'm hoping it'll be over soon and I get the hole covered properly. But, as if all these ceiling problems wouldn't be enough, I just noticed today that the sink in my kitchen has been leaking at least the past few days. So, who know there might also be dump in my flat..! :( I'll call the maintenance man on Monday and we'll see. But, that's enough of my domestic problems..

So, I told you I bought a new camera. I wasn't planning on buying one but since my brother wanted to buy my old point-and-shoot, which I never liked, I needed a new one. I had thought to buy a Canon SD or PowerShot but when we were testing out the cameras in a store the salesman told us that Panasonic point-and-shoots are better than Canon's at the moment. I tried out the cameras from both and really liked the Panasonic DMC-TZ2 and bought it too. It's a 6 megapixel camera with optical image stabilizer and 10x optical zoom which is awesome! I also like the simple menus and that there's lots of adjustments available if I want to use them. However, even though I really love that camera I'm probably going to change it to Panasonic DMC-LZ7 which is basically the same camera, only it has 7.2 megapixels, 6x zoom and works on normal batteries. It's a bit smaller and lighter too so I think it'll also be easier to use in Africa even though I won't be able to get quite that close photos of the lions with that.. ;)

Wow, this is a long post but I still want to show you this lo I made some time ago. It's the cathedral and river front from my home town. Credits here.

Okay, I think this is enough for now. ;) BTW, I've finished my new kit so I'll post about it as soon as it'll be at the shop.

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What a nightmare! I'm so sorry. I hate when stuff goes wrong with the house. What a bummer.

Sewage!! You never mentioned that before! I feel so sorry for you! Are you getting to finally use your bathroom then and not the community one? I love your LO! Very classy looking!

So sorry about the bathroom, it looks awful that hole and the sewage problem. I hope you finally can get sorted out as it's not exactly the most pleasant domestic issue.:(

The layout is really nice, I love the ribbon around the frame, and I hope you have fun with your new camera and take lots of photos. But I wouldn't get close to lions just in case LOL

Best wishes. :O)

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