Monday, April 30, 2007

First of May

I've been enjoying a long weekend since it's the First of May tomorrow and it's a public holiday here and so I'm not having school until Wednesday. First of May is the only carnival kind of celebration in Finland and so today there's lots and lots of people outside with balloons, serpentine and champagne. And tomorrow people usually have a picnic outside despite of the weather. However, I've been having a cold, so my celebration has been scrapping some old First of May pictures and designing..

Have you seen this layout of Amanda's she made using my Bouquet of Roses kit? It's just gorgeous and I love how she used the rose circles, placed the ribbon frame behind the scalloped frame (from Welli Designs) and did the title. Well, I just love the whole page and it's so exciting for me to see my designs in use. :) If you've also already used my kits I'd love to see what you've come up with so please send me a link to it.

BTW, Amanda is currently applying for Holly McCaig's CT and she's now one of the top six nominees. The one of the six who gets the most votes will be the new CT member. So, go over to Holly's blog and vote for Amanda. She'd really appreciate it. And if you want to see more of her awesome layouts you can see them here.

Well then, I think I'm going to show you the layouts I got done today. It takes me forever to complete a LO so to get two done in a day is actually quite fast for me.. ;) I'm still not quite sure about them, so all the constructive criticism is welcome.

Credits: bg paper - Katie Pertiet, frame - Carrie Stephens, arrows - Holly McCaig, JackieEcles and VickieHF, flowers - Misty Mareda and Corina, photo prong - Catrine, tab - Miss Mint, frames - Welli Designs, stamped alpha - Kim Christensen, balloon - me, button stich - Angela & Emily Powers.
Font: Pea Cammie Pea.

Well, that's it for now. See you again!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sharing is fun :)

Wowza, thanks again for your awesome response to my kit! I don't really have any friends here who scrapbook so it feels great to be able to share my designs with people (I mean all of you :) ) who understand scrapbooking and will also put my designs in use and enjoy them.  

And speaking of using my designs, I'd like to show you the first layout I've seen anyone done with my stuff. It's Amanda's Binky and it's just gorgeous!! She used my Fresh & Clean kit and this lo really captures the feeling of the kit. And I really love how she used the transparent journal sticker unde the photo. I'd never have thought of using it like that. You can see this and Amanda's other fabulous layouts here and leave her some love.

I was asking for ideas for my future kits in my last post and Becki was hoping for a girly birthday kit. It's a good idea and I already have some plans for the elements for that kit, so I'll be working on that at some point. However, it propably won't be my next kit because I'm currently working on a summery greenish kit that was inspired by a plastic bag (I think I might have the weirdest sources of inspiration.. ;) )

Then, I want to show you a layout of my brother's 25th birthday. We arranged a surprise party for him with a cake, balloons and everything. At the end of the party, he wanted to pop all the balloons by stepping on them, so I guess he still didn't grow up.. ;) Luckily, he was grown up enough to clean the mess.. :)

Credits: bg paper - Tracy Collins, green paper and orange clip - Bren Boone, stiches (recolored) - Syrin, scalloped border (blended) - Miss Mint, alpha - Jan Crowley, felt numbers (recolored) - Tiff Brady, balloon - Khristy Schmidt.
Font: Paul Maul.

But, I'll continue working on my next freebie. See you!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Piano playing cat

I had my exam yesterday and went really fine even though it was the most ridiculous exam we've had. There where 24 claims in the exam that had to be defined correct or incorrect. So, it took me two minutes to do it and after that I was done but I still had to sit there waiting for half an hour before I was allowed to leave. Not the kind of exam that you would expect in high education, but I guess I don't mind as long as I'll pass it.. ;)

Oh my, I found this clip from YouTube today and I think this is the cutest cat ever, and also the most musical one! She really enjoys playing that piano and is very talented.. ;) Maybe she should consider the career of a concert pianist or something.. :)

But, onto the point. Here's my newest kit, Bucket of Roses. :) It was inspired by a rose pattern so it's filled with roses in different forms. I also made it with Mother's Day on my mind so it should be great for scrapping those pictures as well. I bought the Atomic Cupcake Actions this week and made the stamp with the Rub On Action. Those actions are just awesome and save so much time even though I have to switch between PSP and PhotoShop all the time. I haven't had time to learn PS that well yet so I prefer to use PSP. I hope you like the kit! Let me know if you do and if you have some wishes for new kits, I'm open for ideas! :)

Sorry, the link is gone. Thanks to all for your interest in the kit. :)

Have a nice weekend and thanks again for all of your wonderful comments on my last kits! :)

Monday, April 23, 2007

Pillows, roses and art

Guess what? I've spent the entire Sunday making a new kit for you! :) This time I didn't get inspired by a cleansing milk bottle but by a tooth paste tube instead... ;) Hehe, just kidding. :) Actually, I got inspiration from the rose pattern of these pillows that I saw in an ad and thought that it would be a good idea for a new kit. However, I chose different colours so that the kit would also be great for Mother's Day.

Here's a sneak peek of the papers and you can see the colours I chose. I finished the papers already and also most of the elements but I still have to work on couple of things. The elements are going to be gorgeous, or at least I think so. ;) I'll upload the kit later this week. Since I'm having an exam on Wednesday, it'll propably be on Thursday, so you're welcome back then!

And then, I'll show you a layout from last summer. It's about an event called The Night Of Arts when there's lots of musicians, dancers, actors, poets and all kinds of artists performing in the city center late in the evening. I really like the atmosphere in these photos even though they are not all that sharp and focused.

Credits: black paper - Carrie Stephens, grey paper - Manda Bean, doodle border - Corina Nielsen, stamp - Kellie Mize. Fonts: Carpenter ICG, Rage.

See you and thanks again to all of you for your nice comments on my kits! :)

Friday, April 20, 2007

I did it!

Yay, I just made a layout with my designs and it wasn't that difficult as I anticipated. I used my Fresh & Clean Kit and the font is A Little Pot. It's some pictures of my brothers and me having fun boxing... :) I also made some clear sticker frames as an add-on to the kit and I used one of them in the layout.

Here's a preview of the frames. I made them in four different colours and they can be easily resized to fit your picture. Enjoy!

Sorry, the link is gone. Thanks to all for your interest in the elements. :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Here it is.. the freebie I mean :)

I promised to tell you a bit of how I design my kits. Well, the process begins with inspiration I get from a nice pattern or colour combination that I see somewhere or just about anything. I have a notepad where I've glued lots of pictures from catalogs and ads and I use it for inspiration. I also use it to sketch down any ideas I get for new elements or papers. I usually start a kit with the papers and mostly I just play around in PSP (I use PSP8) until I like what I see. I've scanned in lots of papers and fabrics that I use to texturize the papers.  I get most of the ideas for the elements from the patterns I use in the papers and the rest of the ideas just come along the way. I think that's about it and you can see the result of this process if you look at the preview.. :)

So, this is the freebie kit I promised to upload today (the one inspired by a cleansing milk bottle.. :) but I guess you can't really tell it from the end result ;) ). I really like it, especially the colours and the clear sticker elements. I included the dates and months in a separate png-file so you can also use the journal stickers with some other font or leave them blank. Well, let me know if you like it or not and if you use it, it would be really nice to see your layouts! I don't know why, but I don't scrap with my own kits much so I haven't really seen any layouts done with my stuff.

Sorry, the link is gone. Thanks to all for your interest in the kit. :)


Sorry, I've been busy with school things and work so I haven't had time to upload the freebie yet. And it'll be an early morning for me tomorrow so even though I'd really like to do it now I think it'll be wiser to get some sleep instead.. But, I will upload it tomorrow so you're welcome to come back then. :)

Meanwhile, here's a layout of my friend and her daughter.

Credits: background paper (blended) - Misty Mareda and Amber Clegg, butterfly - Angie Briggs, stiching - Angela Sharrow, word art - Rhonna Farrer, stamp - Michelle Pearson, envelope tie - Jenn Star, paint - me. Font: Miss Brooks.

See you tomorrow!

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Thanks again for your lovely comments! I've enjoyed reading them. Maybe I'll rework on some of the other older kits as well and give them out to you as it seems that you liked the Lilac Refreshed mini kit. :) A few of you also asked me how I design kits and I can write about that later on when I have more time (it's already 2:30 am, so I really should be in bed by now..). But, I'll just have to tell you a bit of how I spent today and I can tell you that I wasn't doing my school work like I was supposed to.. ;) Well, last night I got inspiration from the strangest thing ever, my cleansing milk bottle.. How strange is that! I've used the same bottle for months and then yesterday I suddenly noticed how nice crisp colors it has. ;) So, I got a lot of ideas from the colors for a new kit and today I've spent the whole day designing. I even got so carried away that after breakfast I didn't eat until at 9 pm. That's how addicting designing can be.. Anyway, I got the kit finished. It's quite clean and simple and a bit different but I think it turned out quite okay. I'll show you a sneakpeak of the papers and so you can tell me what you think. I won't be uploading it just yet, but you'll get it in a few days, so hang in there.. :)

And then I'll show you a couple of layouts from last summer. I really love the stichings by Syrin! They look so real and add a nice detail in a layout.

Credits: blue paper (recolored) - Katie Pertiet, green papers - Theresa Hernandez, bg paper (blended) - Amber Glegg and Theresa Hernandez, paint - me, overlay - Nancy Rowe Janitz, flower petal & glitter brackets - Holly McCaig, stiching - Syrin, cross stich - Shabby Princess, frame - Melany Violette, ladybird - Heather Roselli. Fonts: Shirley, Clingy, PaulMaul, C39HrP24DhTt.

And here's a second layout from last summer.

Credits: overlay - Nancie Rowe Janitz, green and blue paper and flower - Theresa Hernandez, stiching - Syrin, string - Miss Mint, eyelet - Kim Hill, tag (recolored) - AmyK, doodle border - Katie Pertiet, doodle arrows and the word labels - me, staples - Kim Christensen. Fonts: Shirley, For The One Hundreth Time, Schneller.

Well, that's it for today.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Oh my goodness!

I just couldn't believe my eyes when I opened my blog today and saw all of your kind comments on my kit! I really couldn't imagine that so many people would like it. So thank you all very very much!! You've really made my day... :) I'm just feeling a little bit bad because many of you thought Spring Is In The Air is my first kit when it's actually my sixth. It's just the first freebie I've shared, so I'm sorry if I wrote it confusingly (I hope that's a real word..). I was learning to design kits while I still had my old computer but I just wasn't able to design them in 300 dpi, so I couldn't share them and they weren't that great anyway. I'm actually going to show you a preview of the real first kit I've designed so you can see that there's a difference.. ;)

See, I told you.. ;) I made this already a long time ago, so my style has changed quite a lot. I still kind of like some of the elements, so I decided to update this kit a bit and add a few things and give it away as a mini kit if anybody's interested. Don't worry, I'll still be making more new kits for you.. :)

Sorry, the link is gone. Thanks to all for your interest in the kit. :)

And then, here's an older layout of mine of my friend and me.

Credits: torn overlay - Roberta Dachille, papers - Amy Teets, flowers - Tonya Doughty, staple - Anita Stergiou, overlay - Shabby Princess, ribbon - Ann Hetzel Gunkel, stiching - Atomic Cupcake. Fonts: JaneAusten, Perpetua Titling.

Now, I'm off to bed. Good night everybody!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

First post and a freebie

Hurray, I just got my blog up and running.  Now, I'll still have to learn how to post here and to use this thing...

I created this blog for sharing my layouts and freebies for digital scrapbooking. I've been learning to scrapbook digitally for some time now but haven't been able to scrap properly until I got a new laptop a few months ago. So finally, I'm able to scrap how I want to and to share my creations.

Here's a layout I did a while ago. It's some pictures from our skiing trip this winter with my brothers and friends.

Credits: blue paper - J Sprague, snowflake paper - Badcandy, snow flakes - Catrine, stichings - Syrin, photo prong - Christy Lyle, tag - Janine Oliveira, doodle arrow - me. Fonts: Pea Johanna Script, Cry Kitty.

And this layout is of my friends from last summer.

Credits: paper (recoloured) - Nancy Rowe Janitz, overlay - Badcandy, doodle border - Carla Gibson, doodle arrow - me. Unfortunately, I don't remember who made the ladybug. Fonts: Pea Johanna Script, Susie's Hand, Guess What.

Finally, I have a free kit for you. It's the first freebie of mine and is called Spring Is in the Air. The kit includes more flowers than shown in the preview. It's quite big, so I split it up into two parts. I would really love to hear what you think of it and see if you use it. I hope you like it!

Sorry, the link is gone. Thanks to all for your interest in the kit.