Sunday, January 27, 2008

Crocodiles, waves, mud and a sneak peek..

Whoa, it's been really busy at school and even now I should be reading for an exam.. ;) I never had a culture shock while being in Swaziland but coming back to school was a big culture shock. I've been kind of having a vacation for over 7 months so I guess it takes some time to adjust to studying and having loads of tasks again..

But, cuz it's much nicer to design than to study I have some stuff to show you. :) I've been working on a collab kit for the past few weeks and I wanted to show you a sneak peek of it.

I guess you can see it from the preview that it's a Valentine themed kit.. :) It's my first collab ever and it was so much fun to make it. I won't tell you yet who I made the kit with but you'll find out next week when the kit will be available at Scraphead. The kit turned out sooo cute and there's loads of stuff in there so it's definately worth seeing!

Okay, I still have loads of pics from Africa and this time I thought to show you some pics from two beach resorts by Indian Ocean. They are Sodwana Bay and St Lucia in South Africa and we rented a car and drove there on two weekends. The holiday season hadn't started yet while we were there so there was plenty of space on the beach. Sodwana Bay is among the world's top diving places because there's beautiful coral reefs there. We happened to book our accomodation on a hostel called Coral Divers that's a popular place among divers and they were a bit surprised to find out that we weren't there to scuba dive.. ;) We bought snorkels though, but the waves were so big that we couldn't use them, so we didn't get a chance to see all the colorful fish. But, the beaches were awesome anyway and it was so much fun, and a bit scary too, to catch the huge waves.

In St Lucia, there also was a small game park where we drove with our car. We were so excited in spotting all the animals that we barely made it out of the park before they closed the gates in the evening..

This time we didn't got stuck in the mud like we did in another game park in Swaziland.. ;) It was a bizarre situation to be stuck in mud in the middle of elefants, rhinos, hippos and all other wild animals and in addition it was starting to get dark. Luckily, there wasn't any lions in the park and none of the animals decided to come help us pushing the car.. It took us an hour to push the car out of the mud and it was definately a sight to see us afterwards all covered in mud.. :) And of course I happened to be wearing a white shirt.. ;)

There was also a crocodile park in St Lucia with all the different species of crocodiles in there. There was some big old crocodiles and loads of small ones. I even got to hold one of them..

Oh, I almost forgot to show you my latest layout. It's the first LO I've scrapped since coming back from Africa and it was a tough job getting it done. But, after a couple of days I managed to do it.. Credits here.

Okay, that's all for now. Don't forget to come back in a few days to see the collab and maybe to get a freebie too.. ;)

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Ok that caution sign on the crocodile park picture is HILARIOUS! Oh my gosh. My husband and I are sitting here laughing and laughing at it!! Wow. Sooo funny!

You really did have an adventure there!!

I can't believe you had that little bitty car out there on the muddy roads! Glad you got it out though. Looks like you had all sorts of adventures. Love your LO and the new kit looks awesome!

Coming back home to "normal life" could be even more shocking after sometime away with other routines. :) I hope you get back to normal like soon and without problems. :)
The photos in the animal park are fantastic, thanks so much for sharing them, but I would never have dare to have a croc in my hands, not even a tiny one like the one in the photo. LOL

The layout is great, I love the green paper in the background.

Take care of yourself and best wishes. :O)

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