Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A trip to Maputo and lots of new stuff

First, I want to say thank you so much for your comments on my last post and freebie! It's nice to know that I'm not totally forgotten after being away for three months and that you liked to hear about my trip. :) But okay, I've got lots of new stuff at Scraphead and some photos from Maputo that I'd like to show you.

One weekend we decided to take a minibus and travel to Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, since itwas only a few hours drive from where we lived. The drive there was quite an adventure itself as we almost got left behind from the minibus at the Mozambiquean border coz it took a bit longer than we had expected to get a visa from there.. Luckily, the minibus was still waiting for us when we finally got the visa and we didn't have to stay there at the border station for night or hitch-hike back.. ;)

Maputo was quite a big city with a population over a million but the city center itself wasn't too big and we walked almost everywhere. You just had to be careful not to fall into the drains on the streets as there were no lids to cover them. They were also dumped full of garbage, like one cemetery and lots of other places too, so when it was raining the streets were flooding with water as the drains weren't working that well being full of garbage. You could tell that the city had been beautiful before but now it was mostly dingy and shabby everywhere. Also, even though Maputo is located by the Indian Ocean, we were told not to bother going to the beaches as they were quite dirty and so we did some shopping and sightseeing instead. We also were lucky as there were the 120th anniversary of the city and there was a big celebration in front of the city hall in the evening with food, live music, dancing and fireworks. We were pretty much the only white people there in the crowd of thousands of people so I'd have to say we were standing out a bit.. ;) It could have been a bit intimidating hadn't we got to know some nice foreign guys who kind of acted as our bodyguards so it was okay. 

On Saturday, there was a great craft market at the waterfront. I just fell in love with African crafts while being in Africa and the market in Maputo was definately the best and cheapest we saw. We spent almost the entire day there going round the stalls atleast three times and bought our bags full of gorgeous stuff. We were warned before that the vendors would be quite persistent but we didn't realize how persistent they really would be until we had ten of them around us almost fighting who'd get to show their stuff for us and them running many blocks beside us trying to sell us things we had said many times we didn't even like. Some of them even followed us when we went to eat at a restaurant and when we left an hour later they were right back selling the same stuff. It actually got to the point where we couldn't help but laugh about the whole thing.. Even though Maputo didn't get to be my favourite place it was definately something to experience.

And about the new stuff... I just uploaded this fun alpha cut out from newspaper that will add some funkyness to your winter LOs.

And coz I like the look of stickers I created a Sticker Mania Collection that includes the elements in clear and white stickers as well as stamps. I've got four different sets available at Scraphead. First are these fun journal labels

Then there's this alpha. It actually has black and colored versions of the stickers in the set so you'll have 5 different alphas.

There's also some stars...

...and some flowers.

And, if you like them all you can get them as a bundle and save $2.

Well, I think that's all the news from me this time. I still have loads of pics from Africa so I'll definately have some more to show you next time. See ya!

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Wow Minna! You really had quite an adventure. LOVE all the new stuff BTW!!!

Hi Mira
I have never been to that part of Africa before. Sounds much like it is here though. Glad you had a good time and look forward to more photos. Your new goodies are fab! Bonnie

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