Monday, February 11, 2008


Oh my, I still can't believe I got so many applications for my CT so a big thank you once again for everybody who applied! I never quite realized how hard it really would be to choose only a few people for a CT. I know people tell it all the time that it's hard to choose but I guess you don't quite understand it until you have to do it yourself.. Anyway, I managed to make my decision and cuz there were so many great applications I decided to have a few guest CT members too. :) I just can't wait to start working with all these talented ladies! So, take a look at my brand new and first ever CT! :)

And here's the linkd to their galleries in case you want to have some inspiration. :)

Full time CT
Guest CT
So, be on the lookout for lots of amazing and inspiring layouts in the near future! Yay, I'm so excited to get this CT started! :)

Okay, but now I must go. Oh, I almost forgot.. In case you're wondering why some of my products look a bit different in the shop than before it's because I'm repackaging my stuff, or atleast the kits. I got so bored with the old previews and also wasn't quite satisfied with some of the stuff so I decided to update them. Hopefully, they look better to your eyes too.. ;) But, now I'm off. See ya!

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Minna, I'm very excited to start! It's gonna be so much fun!

I'm just thrilled! Thank you so much for picking me as a guest CT, can't wait till it's my "turn".

Wohoooo! Can't wait until November!!

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