Monday, February 18, 2008

Scrapping holiday.. ;)

I'm so happy I managed to get through last week cuz it was quite busy with starting off with my CT, school work and preparing a presentation about my trip to Africa for a meeting at work. We also had to present an interactive tv program for elderly people at school on Friday about dry mouth. It was quite an interesting situation cuz it was a real time program and the elderly watching the show at their homes could communicate with us and we could also see and hear them while sitting in front of the camera at school. The show went well and it was real fun to talk with the elderly and it seemed like they liked it too. Especially one old man said he was really happy to be able to talk to "pretty girls". He was only hoping that the technology would develop so that we would also be able to go to his house and give him a kiss.. ;) This week we don't have school cuz it's our "skiing holiday". I just think they'll have to start thinking of a more suitable name for the holiday cuz it seems like there won't be enough snow for winter sports here anymore. Hmm, I wonder if "Scrapping holiday" would do.. ;)

Now that I've got a vacation I'll hopefully be able to design some new stuff and scrap a few layouts too. But, before that I want to show you a few layouts my fab CT members have done. First, take a look at these awesome layouts made with my Sophisticated Blues kit!

By Daniela

By Marlen

By Amie

Aren't they fantastic!? And then here's some more LOs made by Scraphead CT members. This LO by nmartin1 is so gorgeous with all the tiny details and it also won her the last Digi Dare challenge. So, congrats Nicole!! :) 

And then here's a beautiful heritage LO by ezane.

And last, I still want to show you this stunning LO by ezane made with the Crazy Little thing Called Love kit. It's so gorgeous with all the layering and white space!

Okay, that's it this time. I can't believe I still haven't shown you my pics from Capetown.. I just have sooo many of them that I haven't gotten myself into doing that but I'll post them this week, I promise. :)

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Enjoy your break from school and your "scrapping holiday" LOL
Great LOs!

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