Saturday, March 22, 2008

Long time, no see..

Well, it's been a while I've last been able to post here. I've been busy with my training and haven't been able to use the internet that much. But, the training is going fine and it's been really interesting this far. I've got to do lots of different things like checking kids' teeth, taking x-rays, going to schools teaching kids about teeth and visiting elderly in their homes and checking their teeth. I even got to see a knee surgery at the hospital one day even though it has nothing to do with dental hygiene.. ;) I've usually been really exhausted after the working days and haven't really had energy to design or scrap. I've managed to create one new product though. It's a set of fun playdough swirls that will add some whimsy to your LOs. Hope you like it. Available here.

And I still want to show you a couple of CT LOs.. Don't you just smell the sea air and feel the sun warming your skin while looking at this LO by Daniela made with my Summer Fun kit..

And these two beautiful layouts are made using the Summer Elegance kit.

By Erica

By Krista

Okay, I hear the bed calling me now so I'd better go.. ;) Have a happy Easter everyone!

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