Friday, May 2, 2008

My first ever Grab Bag!

Yay, my first ever grab bag is now available at TDC!! I couldn't believe it but it was so much fun to make it and there really is something special about offering those items as a surprise for you. :) Anyway, I can promise you the bag is full of awesome funky stuff that you'll use loads of times. Be sure to check it out now as it will be opened next Thursday and the products will return to their normal prize.

In addition to the grab bag, there's also a huge 35% NSD sale going on at TDC so this is a great chance of getting your favourite stuff for real cheap. Here's some fab CT LOs made with various of my designs to tease you.. ;)

I also have this Spring Garden Add-On available for free on the Shutterfly Blog so be sure to grab it if you haven't already.

And, I bet you won't believe this but I actually scrapped a page yesterday..! ;) Wohoo!! I've been wanting to scrap this for a long time now but I've been so busy with uploading my stuff to TDC and creating new products for NSD that I haven't managed to do it. Anyway, I finally scrapped it and am quite pleased with it. Credits here.

Okay, that's it for now! Time to do some more scrapping unless I fall asleep now. :) I didn't sleep that much last night so I feel like I'd really need a nap.. Anyway, have a fun NSD weekend everyone! :)

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LOVE your LO!!! Those little birdies are sooo cute!

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