Thursday, September 25, 2008

Have a look at my new beautiful kit!

I've got a new kit in the shop, called Peacock Walk. I just love these colors together and how it came out! The style is a bit more elegant than my last kits have been but it's nice to have a little change every now and then. I've usually offered the alphas separately but now I decided to include them in the kit. I'm also offering the alpha set and papers as separate packs if you don't want to have the whole kit. So, what do you think of it? I hope you like it and I know I LOVE it! :)

And OMG, I just can't believe how gorgeous LOs my CT came up with this kit!! They are so harmonous and beautiful! Take a look yourself. :)

By Luciana

By Daniela

By Britt

By Tchela

By Carina

By Marussia

By Cherpea from TDC creative team

See, what did I tell you!? ;) And here's still one from me. Credits here.

BTW, it seems that a few application emails for my CT got lost on the way and I never got them in the first place. So, if you applied for my CT but haven't received any email from me please let me know about it. Ok, but now I'm off! See ya!

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Hello Minna !!
I loooooveyour new kit ,I still can't go to the forum and I didn't get an email from you ...can't wait!

I really do LOVE this kit... and I finally found time and scrapped it ;) It`s just FABULOUS... and I`m looking forward your new stuff ;)

Hugs, Marlen

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