Thursday, March 5, 2009

Don't worry, be happy - in Happy Land! ;)

Ok, are you ready to see the cutest and the most delighful St. Patrick's Day kit I've seen yet? Well, despite of your answer I'll show it to you anyway.. ;) The kit is called Happy Land and it's for sale today for 20 % off like all the rest of these products too!

And there's also a matching set of alpha as usual. This alpha is so cool as it's made of real clovers and it's just gorgeous and really unique. Check it out here.

This kit is seriously so cute and really versatile. And it's not really even a St. Patrick's Day kit so you can also use it for all your spring and summer pages. I was blown away by my and TDC CTs' LOs with the kit. Just take a look yourself.

These LOs are so cheerful and colorful and they just make me smile. :) Ok, but then let's see what I had in my grab bag last month. (The images are clickable.)

Ok, that's a lot of new stuff to show in one post but I made it! Hopefully you did too..! ;) And hope you have a good day! My day is just about to end but before it does I'll watch some Top Chef. Adios!

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I'm totaly in love for your new alpha! YOU ROCK!

Oh that Happy Land kit is wonderful! Just went over an bought it! :o)

Look Mira :o)

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