Friday, July 31, 2009

More fun news!

Ok, I can now spill out the beans and tell you my other secret.. ;) And that is I'll be a guest designer at Scrap Matters during August! This is the first time they're having guest designers and I'm honoured they asked me to be one of the first guests. Doing the guest gig at SM means that I'll also have some new stuff every week..! So, be sure to check in each Friday to see what new stuff I have in store for you. ;)


To start off my guest gig, I have two new element packs up at SM. The images are linked.



This alpha is seriously cool and it looks great on LOs. It's definately one that you can use loads of times. And I've been planning to make more date labels for my Label the Date collection and now I did. These labels are a bit different than the previous ones and so you have more freedom to arrange the dates how you want to. These will be great especially on boy or sea themed LOs.

As usual, I've also got some great CT LOs to show you using the products.

I've also have a awesome new guest for the next two months, Fernanda Pacheco, and here's her first LO.

Yup, I guess that's it for today. Have a nice weekend and see you!

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Love your work, keep it coming.
Off to buy some of your kits.

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