Saturday, January 23, 2010

BIG NEWS + a few new products

A lot of you probably already know what my news are and so it won't be such a surprise for all of you anymore. But, for the rest of you it probably will be. And the news are that I've decided to quit designing and I'm closing down my shop in the end of this month. I've been thinking about taking a break for some time now since I've been feeling I just don't have enough time for everything being a slow designer that I am and it has become a bit stressful to come up with new products every month. I also recently started a web designer course that I'm doing in addition to my full time job. Learning to make web sites is something I've been wanting to do since I studied programming at university. I just never had a proper chance to do that then so it wasn't until now that I got a chance to study web design and I'm all excited about it! :) It just means that I need time to concentrate on that and since there just isn't 30 hours in a day I had to cut down on something else.

So, I've made a though choise to quit designing, at least for now. It really is sad to let go of it since designing has been such a big part of my life during the last almost three years and it has brought along so many great experiences and people but it really is the right thing to do at this point. And closing down my shop doesn't mean I would abandon the digi scrapping world totally. I'm still going to be browsing through the galleries to see what's going on in the digi world and I'm pretty sure I'll also still design some stuff every now and then whenever I get a mojo for it. And whenever that happens I'll be giving away my stuff here on my blog for free. :)
Anyway, the good thing about retiring is that I'm having a huge retirement sale in my shop and everything is 50% off till January 31. So, you've got a little over a week to clear up your wishlists coz after that my stuff will be gone forever!

I also went through my HD to look for any unreleased stuff and managed to find a few things that are now available in my shop. :) The images are clickable.

Here's a sunny LO by my CTM Ziutka using these cool papers.

And this is my cute niece scrapped with one of the templates.
I also found these date stamps sitting on my HD. And since I now everybody loves nice date elements I figured I'd give these away as a freebie for you all. The red bits are really easy to recolor and these can be used over and over again. I hope you like them! You can get them here.

Ok, I think that's it then. Thank you all once again for sticking with me through these years and using my designs! I've enjoyed the ride and hopefully I'll still see you around! :)